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Jewelry Guides & Tips

Bridal Earring Styles

Finding the right wedding earring styles for the big day can seem overwhelming. The key is to make sure you have a diverse range of options available to meet your personality, budget, and most importantly, to match your dress. At Anna Bellagio, we offer a huge selection of bridal earrings,

Wedding Necklace Styles

At Anna Bellagio, we have a variety of wedding necklace styles that look fabulous with popular necklines and styles of today’s bridal gowns. Many of our bridal necklace styles are made with an extender to allow for different lengths. However, if you find a necklace in our collections, and would like it

Our Bridal Jewlery Materials

Cubic Zirconia stones are cut from laboratory-grown crystals. We believe that cubic zirconia are not merely affordable diamond substitutes, but unique stones that are beautiful in their own right, with their own clarity, color and brilliance. Our cubic zirconia jewelry is of the highest grade and clarity, making it an investment that will sparkle for a long, long, time.

Bridal Jewelry Materials

Brides always tell us that they want their jewelry to be “perfect” and choosing the right material is often a good first step. Since you need to have a decent understanding of which materials are suitable for such an occasion, here are our top four bridal jewelry materials every bride should have on her radar!

Bridal Jewelry to Match My Gown

You’ve found the gown you’ve always dreamed of wearing on your wedding day, and now you’re ready to put the final touches together to make your bridal look complete. No matter how beautiful a piece of jewelry is, if it doesn’t match the neckline or style of the gown, it may never look quite right. It is important to understand the connection between bridal jewelry and gown matching to ensure a

Types of Pearl Wedding Jewelry

When looking for the right accessories for your special day, there are a few staples which naturally come to mind. Revered for their beautiful luster and place in tradition, pearls are a top choice for brides and bridal party members to help elevate the elegance factor on the special day. Here are a few of the different types of pearl wedding jewelry you need to know.

Cocktail Ring Guide

Whether you are a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding or simply looking for a few pointers on how to wear certain pieces in general, there are a few things to know regarding cocktail rings. With our cocktail ring guide, find out the must-know elements of how to make this accessory work to your advantage. One of the most important tips in our cocktail ring guide is to go for the bold colors over the more subdued colors.