Bridesmaid Gifts

As a bride, the journey from saying yes to saying I do is a stressful one full of ups and downs. For most brides, the only way to get through and stay sane is with your best gal pals as your bridesmaids. When it comes time to show your appreciation for all they do during this special time, our suggestions for bridesmaid gifts are the perfect answer! Here are the top bridesmaid gifts you should consider.

1. Earrings

One of the easiest bridesmaid gifts to give is a beautiful pair of earrings. Earrings are great because your bridesmaids can wear them to the wedding or they can be picked out especially for the individual to match their personality. This is also a thoughtful gift they will be able to wear again and again which makes it versatile.

2. Matching bracelet and necklace

Whether for the wedding day or just as a thank you to wear after, a matching set of necklace and bracelet gives the ultimate in two for one gifting. One of the best things about this type of matching gift is that she can choose to wear them together for a unified look or just one piece at a time for even more versatility.

3. Engraved jewelry

When looking for bridesmaid gifts with a personal touch, engraved jewelry is always a nice way to show your thanks. From necklaces to bracelets, an engraved jewelry can have anything from the date of the wedding or the title of bridesmaid to her name for a more individualized appeal.

4. Spa day

While jewelry is certainly a popular theme for any wedding gift, there are other alternatives your bridesmaids may like just as much if not more. For example, a spa day is a great way to let them unwind after all the wedding stress and show your appreciation for getting you down the aisle.

5. Mini getaways

If your bridesmaids aren’t quite the spa day kind of girls, you can still give them a great gift in the form of mini getaways following the wedding. If there are amusement parks or national monuments you know they would love to take in, schedule a quick weekend trip for your besties to say thank you!